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Helen Keller

Helen Keller

( Listening 1 assignment with Ms. Leni Marlina )

I watched movie last week with my friends in my boarding house. The movie is interesting and many lesson we can get in there. Here I make the review of that movie. Hope you enjoy it friends.

Title : Helen killer
Actor is : Abigail Breslin (Helen Keller)
Hallie Kate Eisenberg (Annie Sullivan)
Rhondee Beriau (her Father/ captain)
Maryette Charlton (her cousin)

The Synopsis :

The story tells us about a little girl from rich family and big family member. She has father, mother, grandma, sister, and brother in law. Unfortunately, she is blind, dumb, and deaf. She is very difficult to communication with other people. She could only shout if she wants something.

One day her father wants to bring her to Seiko hospital because she is difficult to control her emotion, but her mother disagrees about it. Her mother invites a psychology. She can teach Helen to be better. Her name is Sullivan. Her mother and her brother in law pick up her to the station.

Arriving at home she meets Helen and approached Helen, but Helen knows she is not her mother. Sullivan knows that Helen is smart girl and she want to teach how to communicate to other people but it wasn’t enough for Annie. She wants her to understand words so she takes sign language to different level. Annie Sullivan will sign a letter and then Helen will feel the shapes of her hands. At first Helen teach it is a game. She doesn’t understand why her teacher will make teach an object and make shapes with her hands.

She teaches about the names of objects-flower, grass, and water- and teaches by using the finger. The first time it is difficult to teach her because she is only shout and run, but Sullivan try again and Helen can repeat it quickly. She teaches was a little rough and makes Helen’s parents disagree. Helen parents want to stop but Sullivan asked for more time to teach everything. She needs a week for teach Helen and ask indifferent place for her and Helen. They move to a little house near her parent’s garden. Sullivan asks Helen's parents to meet Helen once a week.

In their Sullivan teach Helen the names of objects and teaches by using the finger, such as rock, soil, water and leaf. The first time it is so difficult because Helen was not familiar with her new house. Sullivan teaches Helen with patient until Helen can to communication.

Moral value :
We must be confident in our abilities because every human being has the advantage, because God has given the best for us. Such as Helen although she is blind, dumb, and deaf but she is smart. She can memorize the world with quickly .We also have to be patient if it teaches kindness to others, because with patience we will be able to change other people from the bad to good. For example Annie Sullivan can teach Helen to communication with other people. She teaches Helen with patient until Helen can do it.

It is my review and I hope your comment in my blog....
Thanks all......... :)

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  1. wow... that's interesting movie... ^^

  2. it's a great film..
    I ever watch this film and I never bored with this film.. n_n

  3. wow,that's interesting movie,,
    I've never watch this movie,is it a kind of cartoon??

  4. I have watched it too Rin, it contains much moral value. I love it.

  5. When i see the title i feel something special about this movie...
    This movie teach us to respect other people and accept kind of characteristic...

    You must watch this movie

    By: Rani