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Helen Keller

Helen Keller

( Listening 1 assignment with Ms. Leni Marlina )

I watched movie last week with my friends in my boarding house. The movie is interesting and many lesson we can get in there. Here I make the review of that movie. Hope you enjoy it friends.

Title : Helen killer
Actor is : Abigail Breslin (Helen Keller)
Hallie Kate Eisenberg (Annie Sullivan)
Rhondee Beriau (her Father/ captain)
Maryette Charlton (her cousin)

The Synopsis :

The story tells us about a little girl from rich family and big family member. She has father, mother, grandma, sister, and brother in law. Unfortunately, she is blind, dumb, and deaf. She is very difficult to communication with other people. She could only shout if she wants something.

One day her father wants to bring her to Seiko hospital because she is difficult to control her emotion, but her mother disagrees about it. Her mother invites a psychology. She can teach Helen to be better. Her name is Sullivan. Her mother and her brother in law pick up her to the station.

Arriving at home she meets Helen and approached Helen, but Helen knows she is not her mother. Sullivan knows that Helen is smart girl and she want to teach how to communicate to other people but it wasn’t enough for Annie. She wants her to understand words so she takes sign language to different level. Annie Sullivan will sign a letter and then Helen will feel the shapes of her hands. At first Helen teach it is a game. She doesn’t understand why her teacher will make teach an object and make shapes with her hands.

She teaches about the names of objects-flower, grass, and water- and teaches by using the finger. The first time it is difficult to teach her because she is only shout and run, but Sullivan try again and Helen can repeat it quickly. She teaches was a little rough and makes Helen’s parents disagree. Helen parents want to stop but Sullivan asked for more time to teach everything. She needs a week for teach Helen and ask indifferent place for her and Helen. They move to a little house near her parent’s garden. Sullivan asks Helen's parents to meet Helen once a week.

In their Sullivan teach Helen the names of objects and teaches by using the finger, such as rock, soil, water and leaf. The first time it is so difficult because Helen was not familiar with her new house. Sullivan teaches Helen with patient until Helen can to communication.

Moral value :
We must be confident in our abilities because every human being has the advantage, because God has given the best for us. Such as Helen although she is blind, dumb, and deaf but she is smart. She can memorize the world with quickly .We also have to be patient if it teaches kindness to others, because with patience we will be able to change other people from the bad to good. For example Annie Sullivan can teach Helen to communication with other people. She teaches Helen with patient until Helen can do it.

It is my review and I hope your comment in my blog....
Thanks all......... :)

Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

the movie

Spider wick

Story about the brave someone kill the strange creature. The animal wants to kill everyone in the word, but the animal afraid with salt. There are house in the center jungle and the strange creature lived in there.
One day the strange creature to try entered to the house but to fail because around much salt around the house. The boy knows about that, he brought much salt and he saved in his pocket. He afraid if the strange creature killed someone they were stronger.
One day the strange creature would to kill the girl, but the boy came and throws away some salt to the strange creature. Strange creature surprised and a few minutes later the strange creature died.

My house

Name : Fauziatul fitriani
Nim : 15746
Class : k-4/ 10

My house
The place that I feel most comfortable is house. House is the protection place from sunlight, rain, and night dark. Everyone has that house always they want. They want to have a house make then safe life in there.
I have a house. It is big enough. It is a bright yellow color. The walls are brown color and the floor is hard wood. Every room has windows and ventilation, so that the fresh air can into to the room and has a lamp to light the room in the night. There are many rooms in my house, such us a living room, a dining room, four bed rooms, a kitchen, and a bath room.
If we enter to my house we can find the living room, there are green sofas in the center of room, and a vas of flower on the desk. There are picture and photo in the walls. The room beautiful because the tidy room. There is a lamp on the ceiling.
After that my dining room, there are dining table, and cupboard in the left corner room. Everyone eat in there, we always eat together with my family in the dining room.
My kitchen after dining room, there are kitchen utensils such us, plate, glass, spoon and etc on the rack. There is stove in the right corner the room and table beside the stove. A little woods under the table and the bath room besides the dining room.
And the last one is bedrooms. Bedroom is white color. In the bed room there is a red bed. There is a small cupboard besides the bed and table next the cupboard. There is many books on the table. I usually study in my bedroom.
In short, the place that feels comfortable is house because many room in there with the different function. There are living room, dining room, bed rooms, kitchen, and bath room. We can shelter in the house and do many activities.

my life

I was brought up in a home from family ties. I have some experience about my family, education, and my dream.
I was born in a big family. I have grandmother, aunt, father, and mother. They are kind. My family teaches about patient because sometimes I can’t control my emotion, hard work, and worship to God. My family cares and influents to control our behavior. They also give me advice if I have a problem. My parents are very sensitive about education, they think that education is very important for us; they want their children to be a success person. They think that in other to their children can change life condition to be better.
I studied in elementary school in SDN 10 Kampuang Nan Limo when I was six years old. There, I studied reading books, arithmetic and drawing. After that I continued my study to Islamic junior high school in Kubang Putiah. I studied about religious. Teachers taught many lesson, for example we must honest in life, patient if have a problem, and always thank to God every time because God always gives the best for us. After three years later, I continued my study to senior high school in Banuhampu. In SMA I was science department and studied about organ of body and something like that. I still remembered at the time when my teacher got angry to my class because we made a noisy. Our voice arrived to the office. As a result, a teacher came and asked us to make a promise not to do the same anymore. Now, I college in UNP my major is English department. I learn speaking, listening, writing, and reading. I get much knowledge there.
As soon as I finished college I have many dreams and I think nothing impossible. I want to speak English very well and continue my study abroad. After that I want to be an English lecturer. I know that to be a lecturer is not easy but I think I can.

How to Make Be Happy Without Romantic Love

Name : Fauziatul Fitriani
Class : k-4/10
NIM : 15746

How to Make Be Happy Without Romantic Love
Many people say that love is very important to live. They also say with love we can be happy every day. We can smile every day, but many bad effects influent from love. We cannot focus if we do something because always think him/her. If we get a problem for her/him, we can be stress. We can be happy without love. Do you believe it? Let’s make our life to be happier without romantic love.
We can do some activities for example, if we are a student; we have to study hard and make assignments and try to read the lesson again. If we are a chef, we make a delicious food. If we are busy we cannot think something about love. We don’t have time to think him/her. So, some activities can make us to be happier.
We can fill our time with our hobbies, for example painting, cooking, reading the book, and etc. We can improve our hobby and get some money. For example, we can sell our painting if we can create a good painting. Because of that, many people interested for beautiful painting and buy it. We can also build the cake shop from our cooking. We can prepare several of cakes what we like. So, doing hobbies are a very advantage way to fill our time.
We do something if we have a free time such as watching the television, reading the books, listening to the music, or sleeping. Because if we do not do anything we can imagine something wrong or not advantages.
In short, many activities can result big benefit. We can get much money and forget the romantic love because the love can make us careless for our work and always thing him/her. Without love we can do something benefit and happy.

Rabu, 08 Desember 2010

Soul resonance

God and The barber
God always give the best to every one. But sometime we forget to the God. We always remember when we are in trouble and sad. God will be the best thing for us. We must not worry if we have a problem, we can pray to God and we must look for the best solution. I'm sure, if we want God  near to us, we must near to God as well and we always remember the God every time, everywhere and always day thank to God.

Life is Choice
I want to b success in my life. But sometime I am shy to speak English in the class. I don't know, maybe I am nervous and afraid. Weather I make a mistake . I like English and I want to speak English well. I am sure if I want brave to speak English in the class . I will not afraid anymore.

We are Broken Tempayan
If we want to be success i our life. We must be optimist, we don't need to be afraid. Because if we are afraid to do something, we can be success. No bodies is perfect , the perfect belong to god . So, don't worry you must always try hen. If you fail, you can stand up and try again.